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Wild Honey

Wild Honey - Short Fiction by Patricia Crisafulli

“You ever watch bees? One goes out, finds nectar, and starts buzzing. Pretty soon the air is full of them. People ain’t any different.”

Original Fiction by

Patricia Crisafulli

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Spring Firsts | Photo by Patricia Crisafulli

The ‘Firsts’ of Spring

Tricia’s Blog

T his is the season of firsts, eagerly and duly recorded: first robin, first daffodil, first leaf buds, first day above sixty and then seventy degrees. In the northern part of the U.S. where I live, such firsts are savored as incontrovertible evidence, more telling than the date on the calendar, that winter has finally lost the tug of war and spring is winning the battle.

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Ski Tracks in the Snow

Snow Day: Making Tracks in an Unmarked World

Tricia’s Blog

B eyond the rim of snow banks, around the bend where the trail angles into the trees, lies an expanse of white as unexplored as a blank page. No matter that countless sneakered feet and bicycle tires ply this path in every season, on this wintry day all traces of humanity are scoured away by the wind’s husky breath.

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