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Faith Hope & Fiction is founded and edited by award-winning writer Patricia Crisafulli, author of Inspired Every Day, short fiction and essays published by Hallmark; the New York Times business bestseller The House of Dimon; and Remembering Mother, Finding Myself written under the name Patricia Commins. She is the co-author of Rwanda, Inc., about the economic revival of Rwanda after the genocide. Patricia authors a number of original short fiction works, serials, and essays here at this website. She also accepts original short stories and other creative works for publication at Faith Hope & Fiction. Read submission guidelines.

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Read Quality Online Fiction at Faith Hope & Fiction

For readers who seek well-crafted online fiction, the Grenville Series is a must-read.

The more Esther thought about it, the more she wanted to caution her daughter-in-law against complaining about elbows and knees that bumped in a too-small bed in the night, because one day they would not be there anymore. Not that she’d say something so maudlin, but it was true…
Grenville Part 1: The Visitor, by Patricia Crisafulli.

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Seven short stories published by Faith Hope & Fiction are recognized by the Silver Pen Association. Each story holds the Write Well Award and is published worldwide in Silver Pen’s Write Well Anthology.

Macy’s was being very solicitous, offering to pay all medical bills, even though three people saw Glorie trip over her own damn scarf that trailed behind her like a bad stage review. Glorie had stuffed that ratty old silk in her pocket because she didn’t want to lose another one. A few weeks ago, she’d left a Hermes on the bus… Glorie’s Last Stand, by Patricia Crisafulli.

One of the squad of soldiers brought a small dry wooden box out of the house, smashed it, set it afire. A chair was added, then a bench of sorts with scraggly legs and a few pieces of scrap wood. Odd pieces of lifetimes… The Souvenir, by Tom Sheehan.

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Read Quality Online PoetryYou sighed and turned in quilted repose
and rolled your hand in mine, searching
for lighting only found in your memory.
In moon’s toss I saw your brain struggling for my face…
I Walk Toward Myself, by Tom Sheehan.

Your luminous kisses brush
Leaden bruised cheeks, so hurt
Touching, lighting afire –
Sparking slivers of blue promise…
Sunrise after the Storm, by Laura Hogan.

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Life in Motion - Essay by Fran KokesThey had a deep look of concern bordering on fear. Whatever was wrong with them, I didn’t want to know and decided to enjoy my first new superpower. I picked up speed… Yahoooo!
Life in Motion, by Fran Kokes.

They were Romulus and Remus, the seedy pair of them, tearing and gnawing like wolves at each portion. Their few teeth were prominent as bars of a broken grille, gumming a goodly part of the bread, and slobbering words through spaces where teeth had been lost… Skink at Survival, by Tom Sheehan

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Browse dozens of holiday stories for that wonderful time of the year.

Zeke sat alone at the bar, every bottle shining back at him and the cash register unlocked, and drank in the benediction of Charlie’s trust. He would no more move from his stool, even to top off his beer, than he would toss a rock through the bar’s front window… Christmas at the Twenty-Third Street, by Patricia Crisafulli.

And so he told the story of how, in that small bedroom, he’d seen a light come at him from a distance, growing larger as it neared, until it burst over him like a wave and filled the room. “I tried to say something, but my mouth just gaped like this.” Delwyn mimicked the gasp of a fish on the shore, “Then he was standing there…” Delwyn’s Feather, by Patricia Crisafulli.

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