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Real Life, with Color

Fabrice Poussin

Fine Art Photography

Artist Statement – Fabrice Poussin

This series of photographs is the result of studio experiments with spray paint, flowers, and other objects under different lighting conditions. The purpose is simply to add color to real life and, thereby, give viewers a soothing experience. This experiment is the fruit of an ongoing quest: going further into my search for something new, something that will make viewers stop and let themselves be absorbed by the peace conveyed by the images.

Flowers are not new to art in any way. However, I used a dozen shades of spray paint to enhance their colors, adding mystery to their depth. My hope is that, by looking closer to decipher the different levels of the original object, viewers will find there is more to be discovered. Perhaps this is a world where they would like to live—one they may be inspired to compose later.

Fabrice Poussin Fine Art Photography
Real Life with Color

Fine Art Photography by Fabrice Poussin
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