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Places, Faced Alone

Two Poems by Joseph Roque

Curtain Call

Every day’s uproar is really

just a weak-kneed whisper. 

Hearing is selective─

anything left over no one hears;

no one cares about.

Concern becomes generic and uninspired,

we are tired of the tragedies that stalk us

from birth, force on us a private pain wrapped

in public pageantry, our uniforms remorse,

worn on cue, easily removed and washed,

put away until our next curtain call.

Eventually, all our ceremonies end, time

insists its way forward, unapologetic,

pushes us out of the way, toward that

strange place we face alone─

a thousand questions on our lips,

begging for answers.

Becoming New

Some days,

I’d like to trade

myself in for someone new;

someone capable and stable;                    

still know

who I was

and who I become.

Won’t ignore past mistakes,

I need them to remind me

what not to say or do

so I won’t

completely ruin the new me.

Joe’s poems have appeared in Psychopoetica, Mad Swirl, Aphelion, Death Head Grin,

The Poet’s Haven, RagMag, and Cerebration. His latest book is Ashes And Excuses.

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