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Hermit Island Salvation | Poem by Tom Sheehan

Hermit Island Salvation

Tom Sheehan


I walked in night’s syrup down a Hermit Island road, caught between snoring and 3 A.M. loving,

waiting for the fish to wake. I felt the heat

of stars and sand’s abrasives, the mad interplay

of elements thrusting at moccasins and eyes.

Ahead, the moon pushed light’s broad blade

down through the perfection of trees, a leaf

scattered delight, a late moth struggled toward

the infinities. I drank my beer, remembering

a starfish caught hours before on a burst of rocks,

its five fingers searching, as my senses did,

for momentary salvation. I realized I had no

enemies, I had no hate. I moved out, into, and was

alone, with the grace of stars and the abrasives of sand.

Hermit Island Salvation | Poetry by Tom Sheehan

Tom Sheehan is a prolific, award-winning writer and a great friend of Faith Hope & Fiction. Among Hermit Island Salvation, Tom’s many accomplishments are: 33 Pushcart Prize nominations, five Best of the Net nomination (one winner), short story awards from Nazar Look for 2012-2015, and a Georges Simenon Fiction Award. He has published 32 books and has four books in a publisher’s production line.

Image Credit: Copyright Natala Standret


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