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Oregon, our long, hot and very dry summer is coming to an end with rain on the way — refreshing, restoring. This is the time of the autumnal equinox when the Earth balances itself between day and night. It’s also harvest time—apples, pears, plums, the late bloomers in the garden, the swelling pumpkins on the vine. At, we’ve been planting and harvesting too — quality fiction, short stories, and essays from a variety of contributors, as well as my own pen. Wherever you are, whatever your weather, pause for a moment of refreshment and renewal with a good story, a thoughtful insight, a verse of words that will stay with you a while. 

Please visit our Home Page at to see the bounty of stories, poems, and essays—new ones just published and favorites in the archives. The site is free to enjoy and share and always will be.  

Wishing you a joyful fall … in love with a good read!


Patricia Crisafulli

Founder & Publisher

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