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Despair’s Demise Adorned

A Poem

By Brianna Lee

Today I surrender
to something stronger than myself
I have no disdain or displeasure
only peace within

I have battled and put forth
evidently too much effort, in opposition
to lurk within
the contour of darkness, sadness, and fear

Never will it fade—an incessant stir in the shadows
Some days it shines
as bright as the sun, if not
blindingly so,
There is no escape
At times it cannot be seen, known
Its existence will always affect us

Mighty it stands, my unyielding adversary
valiantly waiting
for the unleashing that is inevitably so

What lay dormant,
and could only be compared
to the Trojan horse

Defeat is destined, only
for those
not ready for the rays
that extinguish darkness

Defeat is for those
unequipped for the chariot and its gallant core
misconstrued as
an idol, void,
easy to disregard its presence

In vain, defeated
the feeling of despair
encompasses those
embracing solace in the darkness
rivaling the light, the path to perpetual bliss

I’ve surrendered

I have not been defeated
I am victorious as I feel
the sun shining down on me

And I accept it

For I do not choose to face defeat
and stay in the shadows, stirring
To one day feel comfort within
hope and its brigade

Bri Lee is a freelancer and student in philosophy. She has a passion for self-healing and motivation for spreading positivity. Currently she’s working on a novella, hoping to publish soon.

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