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Awakening | By the Bay

Steven J. Jacobson

Two Poems


world revolves and patterns itself
to mirror the outside,
completely unaware of the inner strength and peace,
offering itself to be taken into one’s heart.
the wisdom and patience
all too often lost
in the babble and flexing of the ego,
entrenching and altering the beauty of life.
witnessed in the magical moments,
teeming with life-giving and spiritual bounty
reflective of our God in heaven.
games and role-playing afford
little consolation to the all surpassing
and unquenchable life offered without
any tricks or complicated venues.

Awakening By The Bay

By the Bay

shoal barrier and sea breeze shifts,
intensifying and immersing the wave’s impact
on the craggy contoured coastline.
rhythm and repetition carries,
melodically inscribing and imprinting,
each wave to memory through complex circumvolution.
ocean foam and waves refresh,
spewing and crashing water together
on the jagged shoreline. pebbled beaches
mottle the sandy landscape. rocky
terrains cloak and cover with giant boulders,
interspersing, entrenching stability
and solidity along the bay’s entrance.
waves monitor and mark, disregarding time
and slapping the beach with drunkard
and drenching promise of God’s eternal measure.

Steven J. Jacobson is a poet living in Hopkins, Minnesota. He has published works in two dozen poetry magazines, including Access Press, Linnet’s Wings, Burningword Literary Journal, Eunoia Review, Little Red Tree Publishing, Indiana Voice Journal, Leaves of Ink, Aphelion, Thought Notebook, and Storyteller Magazine. Jacobson is a featured poet in Metric Conversions: Poetry of Our Time (Editura StudIS, 2013) a compilation of poetry.  His e-book, Spiritual Gait, was published in June 2016 by Storyteller Magazine and, he is at work on a second book, Spiritual Realm.
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