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A Mother’s Prayer for the World

Khadijeh Elahi-Taleghani


O God, the Merciful:

Grant us a morsel of Your Eternal Peace, and
Grant us enough strength so we can love our enemy;
So we can forgive those who unleash their sharp tongues at us
So when in doubt, we can employ our faith to help us
So in our time of despair, we can become hopeful
So in depth of darkness, we become a source of light
And in face of pain and misery, we can remain optimistic.

O God, the Merciful:

Help and guide us so we can always rush to help others.
Keep us from waiting for others to help us,
Never expecting others to love us for our assistance.
Let us love others and always acknowledge that
Love gives birth to love,
Forgiveness brings forgiveness, and
Eternal Life is granted to those who sacrifice themselves for others.

O God, the Merciful:

Grant us the honor to serve You and thank You endlessly,
So when we are with the dearest of our dear ones,
When our existence depends on their existence,
Like a mountain, we are strong and unmoved.
And yet in an instant of their need,
We are full of surge like the white water rapids.


Khadijeh Elahi-Taleghani (1931-1998)–mother, grandmother, math teacher, and inspiration to all who knew her–wrote this magnificent prayer in the last year of her life while visiting Iran to fulfill her gravely ill mother’s last wish. After a severe stroke in April 1998, she was brought back to Los Angeles by an air ambulance while still in a deep coma. She died on July 4, 1998–her day of “independence” from this life. Her oldest son, Fari Hamzei read this prayer at her eulogy. He recently translated it from Persian.


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