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Poems for these Times

2 Poems for These Times

Joseph Roque


Alone in a Crowd

Some believe loneliness can’t flourish
among the swaggering masses,
but to understand emptiness,
one must first accept the sly deception
of numbers.
Quantity doesn’t guarantee camaraderie,
a crowd is a mob with insecurities;
questions you’d rather not answer.
A lifetime of experiences
teaches bitter lessons,
learn to appreciate the peace and
power of solitude—
a gift of no rebuttals, no rejection,
no rancor; no repression.
Embrace this compromised companion,
this self-inflicted harmony, this sweet,
noncritical multitude of one.

Poems by Joseph Roque

Message to My Granddaughters

Who will win your heart someday
when you feel your wings; hear the wind
telling you to fly?
Who will make you smile on those days
when all you want to do is cry?
Is there a method, a magic message hidden
in your dreams to help you reveal the one
that holds the key to your heart?
Do not be in a rush, don’t push your
uncertainty one way or the other—
set your intuition free; wait for the day
a first hello makes you catch your breath;
trip and skip a step.
That will be the time to listen to his words;
let all that you know, all you’ve become,
decide if his words ring true; if his eyes
light up and sparkle when he looks at you—
that look that says he will
always protect you,
take your place when you are in danger;
die for you if need be,
smile upon his face.

Poems for These Times by Joseph Roque

2 Poems by Joseph Roque (May 2020)

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Joseph Roque is a poet whose works have appeared in several literary journals. A collection of his poems, Ashes and Excuses, examines a life journey through triumphs and trials.
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Photograph: Patricia Crisafulli

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