July-August Issue

On the Lake

As Ellie makes her last trip to the summer cottage before putting it on the market, she relives the good times spent with her husband and children, and wonders what could possibly be left for her there.

The Great God, Shove

Shove, the bully, was relentless, but young Tom possessed secret weapons: the intellect to make a plan and the courage to carry it out, in this memoir story by Tom Sheehan.

Star Gazing

For Sandra, seeing her father in a nursing home is a brutal reminder of just how much he's failed, until a flicker of recognition assures her that what is hidden is not really gone.

The Biker Wave

What's in wave? From a motorcycle it means quite a bit, in this essay by Fran Kokes.


In the search for spiritual meaning, making sense of First Century metaphors, an unlikely teacher appears--a dog named Spot, in this essay by Rev. Ed Bird.

He and She - A Love So True

"Once two strangers, but strangers no more / whose paths collided between heaven and destiny," Christina Rompon, our resident romantic poet, writes.

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