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Passion for a Prisoner

Passion for a Prisoner by Tom Sheehan

“Last warnin’, to the pair of ya. Git out’n here now fore I let loose. Emsie, you come first, girl. I ain’t meaning’ to shoot ya, but I sure am itchin’ with this trigger.”

Fiction by

Tom Sheehan

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Deep Water

Fiction by

Patricia Crisafulli

 Sylvia was the first to arrive, twenty-two minutes before the class was scheduled to begin. Scanning the six long tables arranged in a rectangle, she decided to take a seat in the middle along the far wall, her back to the windows overlooking the parking lot. The flyer carried in her purse calmed the buzz of fearful embarrassment that she might have arrived on the wrong day or at the wrong time.

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Ski Tracks in the Snow

Snow Day: Making Tracks in an Unmarked World

Tricia’s Blog

B eyond the rim of snow banks, around the bend where the trail angles into the trees, lies an expanse of white as unexplored as a blank page. No matter that countless sneakered feet and bicycle tires ply this path in every season, on this wintry day all traces of humanity are scoured away by the wind’s husky breath.

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A Mother’s Prayer for the World

Khadijeh Elahi-Taleghani


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