September-October Issue

The Roar of the Elephant

In the "club sandwich" drama of family, some things can't be ignored. Listening to the roar of that undeniable elephant in the room, we learn life lessons, in this moving short story by Linda Breeden.

Hot Flashes

A visit by Isabel, Jennifer's larger-than-life mother, triggers a series of flashbacks to painful family drama, and a past that cannot be rewritten, in this short story by Patricia Crisafulli.

The Humpty Dumpty Wall

Craig Jolly resists not a bit as Thad, his old team mate turned nemesis, erects a wall on the edge of his property--a wall that cannot withstand the forces of nature, human or otherwise, in this short story by Tom Sheehan.

My Perfectly Decorated Apartment

What makes a "perfect apartment"--the decor or the people it attracts? Dallas Woodburn shares the wisdom of her experience in this delightful essay.

"If You Happen to Be in Europe..."

An unexpected invitation teaches Hilary Sopata a valuable lesson about acting in the moment and saying "yes" to being in a different corner of the world, in this delightful essay.

Living with Loss, and a Message of Hope

In the midst of grieving for her husband, Jeannine Brenner had a dream like none she'd ever experienced, which became a message of hope, in this poignant essay.

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FaithHopeandFiction is my creative home and my labor of love. I have written stories all my life. As a child, I told myself stories for entertainment, to pass the time, and for comfort. Stories were my way of interpreting and understanding the world around me and to discover the deeper meaning and lessons hidden in even the most ordinary circumstances and relationships.


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