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Ohnita Harbor Mystery Series

Ohnita Harbor Mystery Series

from NYT Bestselling Author
Patricia Crissafulli

(Woodhall Press)

Final Cover - Secrets of Ohnita Harbor

Praise for Ohnita Harbor…

If Crisafulli keeps setting her mystery thrillers in Ohnita Harbor (and I hope she will), that fictional little Upstate New York town will not only have as many bodies to bury as Midsomer County but will be as famous as Louise Penny’s Three Pines or even Agatha Christie’s St. Mary Mead – and justifiably so. 

Jean Zorn, Publisher, Persimmon Tree

Fans of TV’s Murder, She Wrote and who fondly remember the Nancy Drew mysteries will find a new home in Ohnita Harbor, New York. The Ohnita Harbor mysteries bring to life a Great Lakes port city with three centuries of historic people, quirky modern-day characters, and an engaging protagonist – librarian and authenticator Gabriela Domenici

The latest book, The Secrets of Still Waters Chasm (Sept. 2023), opens with Gabriela’s discovery of two bodies on the beach of a secluded lake—which suddenly disappear after she goes for help. From a string of poisoning deaths to a nefarious development that threatens to destroy the chasm, Gabriela is caught in a web of deception and danger, as she tries to authenticate a 19th century drawing that just might the most significant nautical discovery of the past two centuries—all while trying to salvage a romantic relationship

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In The Secrets of Ohnita Harbor (Sept. 2022), the first book in the series, Gabriela must uncover the origins of an unusual antique cross that turns up at the library—while staying one step ahead of a someone who wants this rare medieval artifact enough to kill for it.

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What People are Saying!

Patricia Crisafulli draws her characters with such empathy and compassion, they pull us into the story and make their concerns our own while she weaves a web of suspense around their world.

Anthony Flacco, New York Times bestseller and author of the Nightingale Detective Series

Who knew a rummage sale could be so interesting? Or so dangerous? Crisafulli has given us the perfect cozy—an intriguing mystery, characters to root for, and a setting that is both familiar yet unique. And a bit more—the character complexity and exquisite writing of a literary novel. A gem of a book.

Sam Hill, co-author of the bestseller Radical Marketing, and author of the critically acclaimed mysteries Buzz Monkey and Buzz Riff

As soon as I started reading The Secrets of Ohnita Harbor, I found myself neglecting the tasks on my to-do list: I had to find out what was behind the compelling mysteries at the heart of this story. Patricia Crisafulli has crafted an engrossing and erudite novel which was satisfying on many levels, perhaps especially for its well-drawn characters and finely wrought plot.

Christine Sneed, author of Little Known Facts and Please Be Advised: A Novel in Memos