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Faith Hope And Fiction - Tree of the Lamb by Mario Alberico

Welcome to Faith Hope and Fiction, my free e-literary magazine and a community of readers and writers who enjoy original stories that inspire and entertain.

Faith Hope and Fiction started as a seed of an idea, a place where I could share my stories. Soon, it grew into a vibrant online community of like-minded readers and writers.

Faith Hope and Fiction is my creative home and my labor of love. I have written stories all my life. As a child, I told myself stories for entertainment, to pass the time, and for comfort. Stories were my way of interpreting and understanding the world around me and to discover the deeper meaning and lessons hidden in even the most ordinary circumstances and relationships. Here’s what my website means to me:

Faith: Writing is a leap of faith, in God and in myself.

Hope: Envisioning what is possible and exploring what is seemingly impossible.

Fiction: Using the imaginary to explore reality and truth.

Writing has been my professional life, too, first as a journalist, and later as a “writer for hire”, and then a ghostwriter, and now a published author. I hope you enjoy this website. To find out more about the site, or to receive submission guidelines, contact me.

Patricia Crisafulli

Image credits: “Tree of the Lamb Beta” by Mario Alberico. Courtesy of Gallery 119.

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